HEATING Vibration Function Weight Loss Massager Belts Fat Burning

HEATING Vibration Function Weight Loss Massager Belts Fat Burning

Model No.︰FF-1055

Brand Name︰FENGFAN

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

* The weight-loss feature can help you achieve the desired shape. With appropriate diet, it will become an effective way to burn fat and lose weight.Ad hoc oscillation action (TPO) can help create a fit figure.
* At home to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable massage to relieve the tension and pressure.
* Helps digestion and has a variety of different intensity to suit your preferences and requirements. Simulated blood circulation along the contact point can reduce the shares of fatigue, reduce lactic acid production
1, the slimming Cellulite, clear the body meridians.
2, to promote blood circulation, increase the skin beauty.
3, regulation of metabolism, to reach the yin-yang balance.
4, the elimination of back pain, alleviate fatigue.
5, physical therapy, massage, treatment of chronic diseases.
6, the treatment of neurasthenia, the lifting stress.
7, activate cells, improve immunity
8, strong internal organs, and enhance overall disease resistance
9, dredge the meridians, qi and blood flow, longevity
10, clean blood vessels, promote blood circulation
11, massage to stimulate the sympathetic maintenance of human health
12 and beautify the skin, restore muscle tone and flexibility
13, reduced fat body sculpting, to eliminate excess body fat, fat

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